Budget System


AMD Athlon 3000G Boxed

For the basis of this 'word processor' BBG, the choice was made for a fast dualcore from the next-to-last generation of AMD. It has more than enough power available for standard text processing and home work applications. He does his job at 3.5GHz, while a Vega 3 video chip is incorporated to drive the image. The full chip has a tdp of 35W, which makes it economical and does not get warm. This has the advantage that the cooling can still do work. Anyone who thinks that something needs more power can turn to the AMD Ryzen 3200G. This costs 40 euros more and will also be less economical with four cores.


ASRock DeskMini A300

Anyone who takes the user reviews will notice that there is only praise for this barebone. It is especially noted that it is cheap, looks good and offers many expansion options. The first two qualifications are subjective, but at least the last seems to be right, with two sata and two m2 gates. The disadvantage is mainly the absence of a DVI port and the presence of only four USB ports. You do get VGA, HDMI and display port. If necessary, you can purchase a USB hub. The whole consists of a cabinet with motherboard, power supply and processor cooler. However, the latter does not have to be used, as one comes with the processor as well.



We can be brief and concise about the choice of memory; the cheapest bar of 8GB ddr4 laptop memory is sufficient in our case. By buying just one strip, you can easily add a second strip now or later if necessary. For the time being, however, this is not necessary for home, garden and kitchen applications.


Adata Ultimate SU630 240GB

Here too, the cheapest 240GB SSD was chosen. Tlc or qlc makes little difference in practice, because we assume very light use. On this price arrow there is a very wide range of different brands and types, so whoever wants can certainly find alternatives. If you prefer not to work with sata cables, you can also switch to the WD Green V2 240GB-m2-ssd, for example. Who thinks that 240GB will be too little: for an additional cost of 20 euros, the 480GB SSDs will also be shown.